Actisense is an expert in remote data systems.
Their NMEA marine electronics make every journey safer and their intelligent agricultural equipment mean superior yield efficiency.

Located in Poole, Dorset (a beautiful harbour town), they are 30 people who work together, but their customers are all over the world.

Their history

The company was founded in January 1997 by Phil Whitehurst, who, as a chartered electronics engineer, recognised thatthere was a need for innovative and reliable marine electronic equipment. As an enthusiastic sailor, Phil realised that the potential of the leisure marine market could not be met by existing marine companies, so he set about designing and manufacturing a series of products with the quality and maturity of those in his unique marine market.

Actisense has over 20 years' professional experience in DSP hardware and software design in the field of intelligent sensors and underwater acoustics, and has now become a market leader in the manufacture of intelligent marine electronics. Their team has also proved that their powerful technology can bring efficiency to the agricultural sector. Actisense is now working with major players in the field of intelligent agriculture to facilitate the analysis and diagnosis of tractor data.