FURUNO: world leader in navigation electronics!

Furuno uses its technical knowledge, such as acoustics, detection, signal processing and communication in various marine environments.

In order to provide quality servicesOur worldwide network of subsidiaries means we can respond quickly to your needs for assistance. It also strives to ensure the safety and efficiency of vessels, and maintains sustainable fishing through strict management of resources, all of which are achieved in a pleasant society, full of security and peace of mind.

FURUNO France is recognised by major organisations. Flexibility and responsiveness are our slogans and we have to act as quickly as possible. Our commitment to service and our skills are dedicated to customer satisfaction.

The expertise and experience of our sales and technical staff in the search for solutions that enable us to meet your needs. Whether it's for a new vessel or a refitWith FURUNO France, we will provide you with reliable, tailored support from the outset to ensure that all the technical and economic conditions are assessed. FURUNO France covers all electronic marine navigation equipment, including sonar, VHF, radar, sounder, automatic pilot and a host of other electronic equipment and systems.