ICOM: Leading radio communications manufacturer for over 60 years!

ICOM was founded by Tokuzo INOUE in 1954 and has now become a company with an international reputation. Any radio enthusiast or professional who uses radio communications will be familiar with the brand and its products. their marine, land and aerospace products. Very understanding.
The ICOM Group is constantly anticipating new trends by investing in digital technologies Digital Amateur Radio (D-STAR), Professional Digital NXDN, dPMR (IDAS series).

ICOM equipment is recognised worldwide for its unrivalled quality and reliability ! Many users rely on ICOM devices to support them and ensure their safety in their daily work.
To meet the high demands of users, ICOM radio equipment has undergone rigorous testing at the production stage and have undergone rigorous environmental testing (US military standard 810, water resistance, shock resistance, etc.). Each product reflects the involvement of radio communication experts!

ICOM has always been at the cutting edge of technologyIt has developed waterproof equipment specially adapted to the maritime market, advanced digital and HF radios for professional and amateur radio, and more.

LTE radio solutions and PTT satellite solutions are its latest major innovations, opening up new horizons for professionals. LTE radio offers all the advantages of PMR-type PTT terminals (group call, manual alarm, PTI, etc.), including the ability to communicate on multi-operator LTE (4G) / 3G networks with no distance restrictions.