GenSet Marine: technologies for boat builders

GenSet is entering the world of generators for the nautical world. It does so with the vast experience of Mase Generators behind it to bring cutting-edge products to "the water". Our cutting-edge technology aims to improve your business. GenSet S.p.A. is one of the world's leading manufacturers of generator sets and motor welders. Founded in 1974, it has grown by gradually extending its product range and expanding its operations around the world. The high quality of its products is the result of industrial processes based on research and development. The company operates in accordance with UNI EN SO 9001 quality system certification. Every model created is tested and prepared for immediate use.

International success is also the result of a technical assistance service ready to intervene rapidly in all regions of the world. GenSet's commitment is to offer your boat the most suitable product at the best value for money, with safety as a top priority. We offer today what others will do tomorrow. It's not just an advertising slogan, it's the way we operate: to support you as only a partner can, and to help you create engine rooms of the highest quality. That's why we've created products that are easy to install, efficient, high-performance and quiet, while also guaranteeing a low level of environmental impact.marine products have been developed for on-board installation: pleasure boats & commercial boats