For thirty years, SLCE Watermakers designs, manufactures and markets reverse osmosis water treatment equipment.

SLCE drinking fountains rely on the use of high quality components, strict manufacturing procedures and a dense and efficient worldwide network of agents to ensure the quality level of its partners in terms of materials and services.

SLCE Water Plant exports 80% of its products to all regions of the world, supplying a range of equipment for producing drinking water, industrial water and ultrapure water, from 1 cubic metre to 1,500 cubic metres per day.

Depending on your technical restrictions and requirements, standard or bespoke SLCE water purifier equipment can be supplied.

Purifying water with reverse osmosis

SLCE Watermakers develops standard and custom reverse osmosis water treatment systems.

SLCE watermakers
Purifying water with reverse osmosis

Reverse osmosis is the physical process of desalinating seawater or softening brackish water using a semi-permeable membrane. The membrane allows water molecules (H2O) to pass through and blocks salts and all organic compounds. As a result, the water that passes through it is pure, mineral and drinkable.