COBRA Marine fixed VHF range

COBRA fixed VHF range

Fixed marine radios from Cobra are indispensable on the water. Built-in GPS sends distress signals from exact locations, while 24-hour access to NOAA emergency alerts and weather broadcasts keep you informed, prepared and aware.

Marine radios allow you to send distress signals, communicate with land, call for help, connect to extreme weather updates or make announcements via a public address system. They are the ultimate life-saving marine tool and essential to your safety on the water.


IPX 8 fixed VHFs

The MRF57 is a powerful VHF radio perfect for short- or long-range communications. Gain access to NOAA weather alerts, direct access to channel 16/9 and advanced features such as Rewind-Say-Again so you never miss a VHF call.

The MRF77 is a unique VHF radio with an integrated GPS receiver and exact location for a true rescue device. Instant 16/9 emergency channel, Rewind-Say-Again and access to all NOAA weather channels make it a complete solution.


Cobra Marine products and solutions protect you and your loved ones when you're on the water. Find out how our products provide secure communication and power where you need it.

When you're out on the water, a fixed VHF radio is vital for communication and safety. With advanced safety features, easy menu navigation and 24-hour access to alerts and emergency broadcasts, Cobra is there for you.


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Waterproofing IPX8 IPX8
Floating No No
Bluetooth No No
Power 25W 25W
Burp" function (water ejection from the HP) No No
Micro filter Yes Yes
Rewind" function (stores 20′ of the last call) Yes Yes
Integrated GPS No Yes
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