Combine Eagle


Eagle Lowrance handset

What's new in 2024

Eagle is designed to make fishing as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Eagle features a new HD fishfinder with automatic settings, revolutionary FishReveal and maps C-MAP detailed with Genesis Liveall on an IPS screen. With eagle-eye vision, finding and seeing fish is child's play. For deeper water fishing, perfect for the best views under the boat.

Designed for fishing

With a robust, modern new design built exclusively for anglers, by anglers, Eagle features a new IPS screen offering improved resolution, clarity and visibility, even when wearing polarised sunglasses in bright sunlight. New colour palettes let you adapt the display to changing conditions.

World base map

Preloaded with a worldwide base map, you have the option of switching to CMAP, DISCOVER or other map providers. With Eagle, you have the options you need to discover and navigate to the best fishing spots.

Deep settings

The self-tuning sounder gives you the optimum settings right from the start, so you don't have to spend time trying to find them yourself.