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    In your nearest POCHON shop or at a nearby port: there's a quick solution for making a precise assessment of your needs and the solutions to meet them. You benefit from the expertise of the French leader in marine electronics and electricity: POCHON SA.

    For over 50 years we have encountered a large number of damages and other problems: we certainly have the solutions for your boat.

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    Often, navigation problems, whether electrical or electronic, are of a recurring and similar nature. Thanks to our advisers, installers and other boating experts, you benefit from the incredible experience of over 10,000 boatyards and 30,000 functional installations. We're sure to have the solution to your boating problem.

    Compatibility, feedback, opinions and testimonials from real-life sailors with real-life problems are all part of our day-to-day work. Save time by making an appointment with POCHON.