POCHON stock

POCHON stock

POCHON SA has a very large permanent stock.

POCHON stock

Our stocks mean we can react quickly

En this period of consolidation on storage platforms in Europe at most of our suppliers, permanent POCHON stock is a definite advantage, across all the major electronics brands. This flexibility allows us to respond often in a hurry to the needs of our customers, be they professionals, construction sites or private individuals.

The new displays now come in different screen sizes, with or without GPS, with or without cartography, waterproof or not, but always with an ever-increasing number of cables and connectors to enable them to be networked. This is how we supply finished products and installation accessories in very large quantities. and for cables in all existing lengths or for probes, in all possible configurations.

Our technical services, which programme mapping on request GARMIN or C-MAP JEPPESEN in the area chosen by the customer, or beacons purchased at the last minute, are also part of the local service we offer our customers.

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Over the years, POCHON stock management has become a tool in the war to keep companies competitive. We're talking about finding a balanced way for the company to fulfil all orders while limiting storage costs. However, the results are generally as follows: small businesses pay insufficient attention to stock management and sometimes limit themselves to simple inventory records. So what are the challenges of stock management?

Placing a large quantity of stock in the warehouse helps to avoid shortages, whether of finished products for sale or of raw materials and semi-finished products for manufacturing. However, excessive inventory can lead to: Very large expenses, including fixed expenses (whether you have an inventory or not), such as renting a house or moving vehicles. There are also variable costs, such as staff costs or maintenance costs. Reduce cash tools: each item stored is valued as an asset. These capital investments will reduce your immediate liquidity.