Barnacle Systems Inc is an award-winning designer and manufacturer of security and surveillance products for boats and motorhomes.

BRNKL products protect recreational, military and industrial vessels worldwide.


The story began in January 2017, when the yacht broke its mooring and floated ashore during a winter storm.

After saving his father's ship 'Inconceivable', Brandon started looking for a product that could warn him if his boat broke its mooring again.


One of the requirements he was looking for was a hardware product capable of sending alerts to the vessel floating outside a defined 'geographical barrier'.

His discoveries were rare: none of the solutions available used innovative technology, let alone the most widespread connected technologies.

With his deep understanding of the Internet of Things, remote monitoring and electrical engineering, Brandon knew he could create a better solution.

A few months later, after endless nights and even longer days, a prototype was born, along with an application.

In his hands, Brandon held the first iteration of BRNKL from Barnacle Systems.