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  • 14, avenue du Docteur Robin 83400 HYÈRES
  • Telephone:04 94 38 53 83
  •  Fax: 04 94 38 43 12
  • support@pochon.com

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The POCHON Hyères branch was opened in 1993.

Initially a base for the commissioning of new boats fitted by POCHON in the major shipyards in La Rochelle, it has gradually developed and now covers all sectors of the yachting industry.

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  • Sales to private customers: Most of the pleasure boating in the Mediterranean consists of motorboats and launches equipped for fishing. All the major brands of electronics are on display in the Hyères showroom, including depth sounders and transducers. Sébastien ROSSI will be your point of contact for all demonstrations and advice based on your sailing programme.
  • Sales to Mediterranean professionals of our imported products and the brands we distribute as wholesalers. Jacques PARLADE and Sébastien ROSSI provide them with commercial and technical assistance.
  • Vincent ORY and his team of technicians are responsible for commissioning and handing over new boats from major Atlantic and Mediterranean shipyards.
  • Isabelle GARRETTA is responsible for the agency's administration.
  • Finally, as Branch Manager, Jaques Parlade coordinates technical work (assembly, commissioning), the branch's sales activity, administrative and accounting follow-up, and the organisation of local trade fairs, all in close liaison with the head office in La Rochelle.

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