Click & collect

Click & collect

Ordering on POCHON
and pick up your purchases in shop!


Click & collect is simple!

I shop on POCHON and I'm thinking of adding them to my basket
I choose my place of withdrawal
I go to the shop to collect my order

Easy, isn't it?

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As a kind of intermediary between physical and online purchases, the collection of goods in shop after distance shopping is becoming increasingly common. What are the advantages of this "click & collect" purchasing method? And what rights do you have, particularly with regard to withdrawals? Find out more about the legal framework.

Pick-up in shop, drive, "click and collect": what are they? Whether we're talking about in-store collection, "drive" or "click & collect", each of these terms refers to the same sales practice, i.e. consumers can buy goods remotely (online, by telephone or catalogue) and then come into the shop to collect them. As a result, this method of purchasing is different from traditional online sales because of the absence of delivery methods.

As part of the containment activities implemented since 30 October 2020, non-essential businesses have been closed. However, administratively closed businesses can provide order taking services to their customers. If you wish to collect goods from the shop as a Click & Collect order, please check the reason for "compulsory purchase" on your traffic certificate.