Production workshop electricity boat

Production workshop electricity boat

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Production / boat electricity workshop

The Pochon Professionnel workshop under the direction of Design officeIt also produces electrical sub-assemblies.

Switchboards and control panels are mass-produced for large sites, or tailor-made for a unique project.

Manufacturing is streamlined, and Pochon Professionnel ensures total control of the production chainfrom the design stage, to the supply of components and assembly, which is carried out at La Rochelle.

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On pleasure, fishing, commercial or multi-purpose vessels, the on-board power supply is essential for safety, comfort and consumption. POCHON and its boat electricity workshop bring you new technical solutions for managing on-board power. While optimising energy performance, you'll save a lot of weight on the electrical installation.

For your windscreen wipers, headlights, lighting, bulbs and LED bulbs, navigation lights, on-board sound and communications, power generation, distribution boards and cables and ventilation, POCHON SA has chosen the most demanding and innovative supplier.

On board ship, it is very important to master the electrical installation for safety and comfort. The aim of this chapter is to explain some of the minimum rules known so that you can modify or troubleshoot the installation or carry out an energy balance to best determine the size of the battery pack and charging generator.

All electrical installations are built on the same foundations:

  • Equipment inventory
  • Energy balance
  • Power graph
  • Distribution plan
  • wiring

The method described below corresponds to the method we use in the accompanying method for naval or electrical refurbishment.