Since 1946 and with a long history, Simrad Yachting was the brainchild of a number of remarkable pioneers in marine technology.

Robertson, Simonsen Radio, Shipmate and Navico represent many years of maritime experience, involving the autopilotcommunications and satellite navigation, electronic chart plotters, depth finders, counters and multifunction screens. The Simrad brand name is taken from Simonsen Radio, who, like Robertson, started his own radio station. converting redundant radios into commercial fishing vessels after the Second World War.

Navico is currently the world's largest marine electronics company and, together with Simrad Yachting, is also the parent company of the main brands ofLowrance marine electronics and B&G.

Like Simrad Yachting, we supply our global customers with a complete range of navigation solutions, equipment and communication tools.

Our product range covers cruisers of all sizes, from small outboard and sport fishing boats to luxury cruisers and super yachts. The Simrad Professional series supplies search and rescue / patrol equipment, workboats, commercial fishing vessels, passenger ships, super yachts and short sea / cargo vessels.

On the water, the equipment you use can make the difference between uncertainty and confidence. Thanks to our unwavering commitment to quality and reliabilityWe have won a wide range of industry awards to prove that Simrad can help you.

As well as supplying trustworthy equipment, we are also committed to providing the most advanced, virtualised equipment on the market.