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Lhe POCHON Global Service is not just an abstract marketing concept, but also a way of thinking. a genuine customer service philosophy initiated by Alain POCHON in the 1970s with professional fishermen.

Above all a specialist in marine electronics, our society has evolved at the same time as technical progress : POCHON SA was a forerunner in information technology with  the first navigation softwareand the first plotters. 40 years on, POCHON SA is still going down this path, creating satellite, WiFi and 4G connection interfaces to meet the needs of today's navigators.

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Our agencies in the Atlantic, Mediterranean, Martinique and Guadeloupe regions are all part of this global offering.

(marine electronics, marine electricity and IT) and offer the following services :

  • Technical and commercial advice on the choice of products according to the sailing programme, the size of the boat and the budget. As an independent company, POCHON SA offers the solutions that are best suited to your sailing programme.


  • Rigorous selection of brands and products always tested in the workshop by our technicians before being offered to our customers.


  • Ongoing dialogue with our main suppliers to optimise devices or improve software versions, for example


  • Our presence at international trade fairs to offer our customers innovative products.

  • A design office which produces the most advanced installation diagrams for marine electronics and electricity.


  • Installation of the products by multi-skilled fitters of all brands of electronics, either in the yards, directly on your boat, or through your dealer.


  • Commissioning with sea trials during the boat acceptance test carried out by qualified technicians.


  • After-sales service and the guarantee by workshop technicians.


  • Interventions anywhere in the world according to pre-established specifications.