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A faultless service across the board. A very friendly and pleasant telephone and in-person welcome, great availability and great professionalism. MANY THANKS.

François Lamaignere Avatar François Lamaignere
11 April 2023

Mr Maxime Faury a géré ma demande de SAV très rapidement avec une grande efficacité. Je vous recommande vivement de leur faire confiance. Gil " de Beauvais"..

9 March 2023

Impeccable and very accommodating customer service. Good welcome by the team 🙂

25 August 2021

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Clément GIRAUD

Good evening to all the Pochon management and teams,

Clément and all our technical team would like to thank you in particular for the great work you've done on board and for your continued support in 2019 and 2020!
We're delighted to have Pochon as one of our partners.

A newsletter is being set up to enable everyone to follow Clément during the 2020 Vendée Globe. We'll keep you informed ...

Thank you so much for everything!

Now it's time for sport...

A lovely weekend,

Kind regards,

Team Manager - Skipper Clément Giraud
Imoca Compagnie du Lit / Jiliti

Mr Maxime Faury,

I would like to thank you very much for your attentiveness and diligence, almost on the fly (I can easily imagine the constraints of your schedule), to work on my yacht, an RM 970 number 26, asking Christophe to do what was necessary on board to ensure that :

- The AM/FM radio works, which it does today,

- I had a few problems with the S100 remote control when I switched it on, but when I replaced it I was completely satisfied.

Christophe, your technician, was really competent and helpful. teacher. Many thanks to him.

So I'd like to thank the whole Pochon team for their kindness and speed. I'll be sure to spread the word.

Best regards
Stéphane Lelong

avis client pochon