Why Integrel?
Integrel is the future of on-board power generation : Completely replace your generator.

The Integrel system is much more than just a generator. It is a complete system for producing, storing, converting and distributing energy.

- The generator will deliver its rated power continuously. For example, at an ambient temperature of 25°C, the generator will deliver a constant output of 8.3 kW.

- The magnetic flux coupling between the rotor and stator has been considerably improved to give very high production efficiency.

-The windings have been modified to give the specific voltage range we need and to provide unusually high output power at low revs.

With a suitable motor, DC output power is available at motor idle and 4 kW at 1000 rpm.

-The generator itself has no on-board electronics and a much improved cooling airflow to cope with the higher power.

The benefits from Integrel
- No generator costs. The INTEGREL system does not require a separate generator engine. As a result, installation costs are lower than for a stand-alone generator, with no need for through-hull connections or exhaust or cooling systems.

- Reduced maintenance costs. The INTEGREL system only requires periodic belt replacement. No second engine check or maintenance programme.

- Fuel economy. The INTEGREL system improves the energy efficiency of the propulsion engine, reducing the vessel's overall fuel consumption by around 25%.