ECHOPILOT: making the invisible visible!

The acquisition ofEchoPilot by Daniamant has been effective since 1 September 2017 and covers all design, development, production, stock, patents, sales and marketing activities. The forward-looking 2D and 3D sonars have expanded the Daniamant product range and become part of the company's "Safe Sailing" segment. This is a further step for Daniamant in its pursuit and ambition to successfully develop the company in the marine electronics industry.

Forward Looking Sounders (FLS) are designed to improve vessel safety in unexplored waters and remote areas by scanning and displaying the seabed ahead of the vessel. EchoPilot patented the world's first real-time FLS in 1992. In 2012, EchoPilot developed and patented 3D forward sonar. Over its 40-year history, EchoPilot has designed 45 different marine instruments and manufactured over 140,000 units, which have been sold worldwide.

Daniamant, with its global operations, will aim to develop sales and marketing of these advanced products both directly, through the Daniamant distribution network and through the established EchoPilot distribution network. In addition, the long-term intention is to design and develop new, forward-looking sonars to ensure that the products The most competitive FSLs available to enhance a ship's voyage.