BANTEN: the world reference in aerials

The boating market has changed dramatically in recent yearsThis means that the players still have to be dynamic and flexible.
Their objective is to maintain the quality and reliability of their antennas for their customers and dealers.
They have selected and assembled the very best technology.

At BantenEveryone is highly skilled and specialised: true design and production professionals. They believe in their work: they are passionate, honest and committed.

BANTEN: the best raw materials, a company focused on manufacturing

For forty years, the Ambrogi family, owners, have been running the company: several years of work have been necessary to achieve this. choose the best materials and the most efficient production methods... The uniqueness of Italian production: improve results by simplifying the installer's work and ensuring customer safety.

We also check the product after the sale. You can take advantage of our expertise: to choose and install the right model of aerial. The wrong aerial, cable or connector could compromise all your work.

For these reasons, Banten is a special brand on the international radio antenna market. Their objective is clear: ensure competence and, above all, reliability.